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The fundamental of Visas

Visa or KITAS is a stay or work permit, granted to foreigners that allows you to enter, remain within or leave its territory. Visas typically include the duration limitation of the stay and areas within the country.

Business Visa / KITAS / KITAP

Business Visa

Business Visa is the type of visa if you want to come to Indonesia for business activities such as participating in a meeting or other non-income generating. You can either get a single-entry or a multiple-entry visa.


KITAS or a temporary stay permit, is the only type of visa that allows you to generate income. Foreigners who come to Indonesia to work for a longer period of time will be advised to apply for this KITAS, along with a work permit. By holding a KITAS, foreigners are allowed to enter multiple times to Indonesia, following the granted duration by the authority.


KITAP or a permanent stay permit can be obtained once foreigners renew their KITAS for 4 times, with the same sponsor. Each KITAP has a validity of 5 years and this type of permit is very favourable to whom who intends to build their life in Indonesia.

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Please see below for more requirements:

  • Foreigner’s passport
  • Legal documents of the company
  • Bank account statement of the cm
  • Living address in Indonesia

Our Packages

Business Visa

USD 650

Include :
  • E-Visa

Temporary Stay & Work Permit

Start from
USD 1,290

Include :
  • Expatriate Placement Plan
  • Notification of Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit
  • E-Visa
  • Stay Permit
  • Certificate of Police Report
  • Certificate of Temporary Residence
  • Certificate of Existence Report
Along with these, we can also help you with other services such as
• Dependent Visa USD 850 / person
• Work Permit USD 990 / person
• Investor KITAS USD 1,600 / person
BPJS Registration & Employee Report
For convenience purpose, we can help you to register BPJS and do Employee report to the Ministry of Manpower for you.

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